Below is a list of Schools around the world I've had personal involvement with.

 All having taken part in the ARISS program and spoken to the astronauts on the  International Space Station.    As of March 2002  nearly 50 schools have been involved in  this exciting educational project since it started in Dec. 2000.

The schools listed below in blue and underlined have links back to their own web site.

Note:  I'm still working on this site and will have more links listed shortly


Woodford County Middle School. Versailles ,Kentucky, USA

Henley Middle School. Klamith Falls, Oregon, USA

Holy Spirit School . Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Armand Bayou Elementary School . Houston, Texas, USA

Tremper High School. Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

Atlanta New Century School. Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Butte High School, Montana, USA.

Oberschule fuer Geometer, Peter Anich School for Land Surveyors.  Bolzano, Italy

Zeehan Primary School. Tasmania, Australia.

Pflugerville High School  Texas USA